• EcoBriQ™ and EcoShell™ are the cladding members of the EBQ™ family.

Suitable for new and retrofit application in buildings of all types, EcoBriQ™ creates an insulated rainscreen veneer that protects buildings from exterior fire and impact, while enhancing the thermal resistance of the envelope with sustainable products of demonstrated longevity.


• The Divisor™ system is engineered as an efficient and economical unit for the creation of fixed or demountable fireproof and sound resistant partitions.

Divisor™ contains built-in raceways for electrical wiring, and readily accepts standard wallboard, paneling and interior finishes for dry and wet applications.

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The multi-function performance of Ecostruct™ has been recognized as a major advance in masonry construction.

The value-added features inherent in the the EcoBloQ™ (EBQ™) family are prominently displayed by Ecostruct™, the award-winning product that can be quickly assembled to produce insulated, watertight building envelopes of superior load-bearing capacity. Properly designed and reinforced Ecostruct™ assemblies, complete with a variety of architectural textures and finishes applied at the factory, generate shear diaphragms of exceptional resistance to severe seismic and wind forces.

The patented multi-chamber geometry of Ecostruct™ allows economical installation of reinforcement, insulation and electrical and communications wiring through its built-in raceways, and chase spaces with access panels for plumbing piping may be rapidly configured using the EBQ™ variants E-1, E-2, & E-3.

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