• Terrastop™ is a handsome and uniquely designed interlocking block with the appearance of elegant cut stone on one face, and custom brick work on the other side.

Terrastop™ consists of five different systems designed for construction of landscape structures, or "hardscapes", suitable for earth retention as well as noise and privacy barriers.

Terrastop™ units interlock together without mortar, pins or adhesives, and may be reinforced with geogrids or conventional steel bars.

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Developed on the basis of extensive wind tests up to 120 MPH at the Glen L. Martin Wind Tunnel, the Roofcap™ paver system is a factory-manufactured, interlocking concrete product used as a protective, energy-saving layer, or ballast on low-slope roofs of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

One of the unique, and most practical advantages of Roofcap™ resides in its variable-interlock feature which customizes interlock strength to particular roof areas and heights, efficiently giving the system superior resistance to the devastating effects of high winds such as hurricanes and typhoons.

Used as roof ballast, the substantial air-channel network underneath Roofcap™ forms a double envelope which eliminates membrane thermal shock without the need and expense of additional pedestals. Roofcap™ is also ideal as substrate for green roofs, offering drainage plus durable and permanent protection to roofing membranes of all types under greenery soil layers; when exposed, the white surface of Roofcap Hi-R™ is able to satisfy solar reflectance values of 0.65 (ASTM C-1549) and emittance of 0.90 (ASTM C-137) thereby significantly reducing building cooling loads.

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