The manufacture of EBQ™ products requires specialized equipment capable of maintaining the close tolerances and superior quality required by EBQ™ Specifications.

The flexibility offered by a single machine that can accept a multiplicity of moulds to manufacture a number of diverse products lends insuperable cost efficiency to the EBQ™ manufacturing process.

To this end, customized vibro-compression equipment from select manufacturers is utilized exclusively for EBQ™product manufacture, together with durable moulds of easy interchangeability and high dimensional tolerances, many of which incorporate proprietary RBS technology advances in dynamic moulding technology (DMT).


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The plant capacities given above illustrate output in terms of 100 m2 floor area housing units that can be conservatively produced per time period. Housing production capacity depends on unit size and number of levels as well as plan configuration of home model. Please contact RBS for specific housing production capacities.

The operations flow in RBS plants of all capacities (See Matrix) is based on automated equipment systems which may be incorporated in progressive stages to optimize initial capitalization. At the initiation of a local RBS enterprise, limited automation can be combined with manual labor and operator-driven equipment for particular material handling operations thus allowing the benefits of later automation - when the market demands higher capacity - to be financed from the output of the plant in semi-automatic modes.

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