• SpanBloQ™ is a structural, suspended floor and roof system that can be installed without cranes and heavy equipment to produce fire, sound and impact resistant vertical separations of high load capacity.

Free spans of up to 7.35 meters (24 ft) can be achieved by SpanBloQ™ without the use of prestressing or compression toppings.

As with all EBQ™ systems, lower labor and material content result in costs below comparable assemblies such as precast plank and poured decks, and the ability of SpanBloQ™ to be installed in small, discrete modules makes it ideal for remodeling and rehabilitation projects where access for cranes and large precast elements is limited or impossible.


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• The Scala™ system is an innovative assembly for the rapid and economical construction of concrete stairs in homes and buildings of all types.

The elimination of costly and time consuming forming usually required for casting conventional concrete steps, and the ability to interlock small tread and riser modules in lieu of heavy precast concrete sections, make Scala™ most economical and efficient for stairs of virtually any width and height.

The versatility of EBQ™ systems is in no small measure due to their compliance with UAM™ (Universal Architectural Module™) modularity, which makes them fully compatible with existing building products and measuring systems of every type (metric or British), thus allowing rational design of hybrid buildings only limited in configuration by the imagination and creativity of the architect.

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